Obituary: Pearl Beasley

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Pearl Beasley

PEARL Beasley, of Lambeth Walk, Stamford, died at her home, aged 73.

She was the daughter of the late Wilfred and Lillian Squires, and was educated at Orchard Road School and St Augustine’s School, Peterborough.

During her working life Mrs Beasley worked for the Corona Company; Broadway Cinema, Peterborough as an usherette; Stamford egg depot and Newage engineers. When she was younger she was a keen darts player.

Widow of Harry Beasley, she loved being with her family and leaves her children Jill, Linda, Richard, Kevin, Lionel, Wayne and Sharron; grandchildren Craig, Claire, Jessica, Jake, Kerry, Jade, Jak, Sophie and Abi May and Harry and great grandson Alex.

The funeral service took place at Christ Church, Stamford, David Naylor officiating.

Family mourners included: Jill and Andrew Brown, Craig Iredale, Claire Iredale, David Smith, Alex Smith, Linda Beasley, Richard and Sharon Beasley, Lionel, Nicky, Kerry, Jade, Jak Beasley, Kevin, Amanda, Jessica, Jake and Harry Beasley, Wayne, Caroline and Sophie Beasley, Sharron and Abi May Beasley, Eileen and Laurie Titman, Cyril Squires, Sarah Phillips, Paul Iredale, Sean Barratt, Louise Beasley, Liasa, Dell, Chantell and James Deller, Lynton Forde, Tracy Beardsley.

Sympathisers included: Louise Downs (representing Paul, Alfie and Evie), Jean and Chris Wallace, Charles (Chuck) Graham, Georgie Graham (Sue and Chad), Jean Plowman (Lisa, Matt and Dan), Rev Jane Caldren (Bill and Ruth Maudsley), Kath Heyden-Dale (Sandra Woodhouse), Lauren Burke (family), Brittany Taylor (family), Kezian Chance (Julie Chance), Neti, Veg, George, Andrew, Vicki, Tom Sam (Carol Thorpe), D Steele, Wendy and John, Lorna Underwood (Doll and Cecil Naylor), David Glencross (Mandi, Emily and Megan), Jacky Kennelly (Sheila Glenn), Jo Thompson (Linda and Brian Durrant), Jenny Dugen (Barkes family), Shaun Murphy (Kath Murphy), Karen Pearson, Caroline Fielding (Annie and Sarah Fielding), Sean Fielding (Paul Fielding, Nicola and Mark Hopkins), Wendie Watson Lauren Taylor (Sue Taylor, Gillian Davies), Marion Musgrove, Tim Musgrove, Julie Musgrove (Betty Musgrove), Mrs V Downs (family, Jackie and Paul Hull), Mandy Durrant (Mark and family), Tracey Gardner (Adrian and family), Mark and Sue Woods (Naylor family), Andy and Diane Smith (Jamie, Danny and Smith family), Christianne Bales, Hayley Gardner, Lucy Gardner, Nigel Woodford (family), Tracy Burke (David, Ryan and Chloe-Louise Burke, Martin Walker), Penny Frisby (Daryl Frisby, Alison and David Mann, Lorraine and Simon Ward, Nick Bowler), Shelley and Daniel Lacy (Taylor family), Linda Watson, Julie Downs.