A Senior Moment: Every day we witness stupid driving

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According to research by Direct Line Insurance, I see 75 per cent of motorists would fail their driving test if they had to take it again. I’m surprised - more like 90 per cent I would have thought! Every day we witness stupid practices like overtaking on blind bends or blind humps, overtaking on the inside - all in an aggressive obsession to get there first. And it’s getting worse.

So should we be welcoming driverless cars or dreading them? Judging by all the problems we have to put up with from modern-day technology, I have a sneaking feeling we’d be swapping one idiot experience for another. They have no controls – no steering wheel, brakes or accelerator, just buttons for start, pull over and stop. What no ejector seat? Essential accessory I would have thought.

I guess they’re bound to become a reality sooner or later, thankfully I don’t think my generation will see too much of them. But think of the joys in prospect for future pensioners -. “Won’t be long dear, just going round the block for a snooze in the new mobility scooter.”

Now I hate to remind you, it’s Friday the 13th and if you were tempted to stay in bed all day - just in case, avoid walking under ladders at all costs, cross your fingers, knock on wood, turn round three times and throw salt over your shoulder, you are probably suffering from triskaidekaphobia. Not a lot of people know that - an obsessive fear of the number 13.

Me, I’m not a scrap superstitious – I’ve a four-leaf 
clover to keep me from harm.

Mind you, it seems almost impossible these days to keep safe and sound from scams by a breed of lowlifes determined to get their grubby paws on your hard-earned money. And if it’s not the criminal fraternity it’s just as likely to be one of those once noble institutions known as your friendly neighbourhood banks, followed smartly by the utility companies, not forgetting the insurance companies and just about any other business with direct-debit access to your bank account.

And it doesn’t even end there. Now it seems – thanks to the great god of technology that brings us new digital delights daily, we can be spied upon at will by our smart phones and computers via big brother web cam devices freely available from all good gismo shops. There it sits on top of your PC, winking away at you in the friendliest of fashions, all the while taking sneak pictures of you in your curlers and not much else.

I doubt anyone is likely to show much interest in watching me in my Y-fronts but worrying times for modest young ladies – other than bare-all A-listers of course. It’s even more worrying that the young man who brought all this to our attention – by getting caught at his Peeping Tom perversion, walks free after being handed a derisory suspended sentence. Not exactly a deterrent to other voyeurs methinks.