A Senior Moment: Now that’s what I call service!

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In an age when nothing is built to last, good old fashioned customer service is virtually dead and buried and no-one wants to know when things go wrong, it’s encouraging to know there are companies around who still care about their customers and their reputations. I have just come across one and as it’s such a rarity I thought I’d share it with you.

Earlier this year our aging microwave was despatched to the great scrapheap in the sky and we looked for a replacement. Nothing too fancy, no all-singing, all-dancing whiz-bang electronics, but nothing cheap and nasty either, just a straightforward easy to use middle of the range pinger that does what it says on the box. We settled for a Sharp’s model and it has served us well since last January.

Then, shock horror and dismay, we discovered the inner coating material was beginning to blister. Not a happy mix with food we thought and certainly not something we expected to happen in a matter of months. Now I have to tell you, it has been a calamitous year for the Docker household’s equipment. The shower packed up and the fridge-freezer, trouble with the telly, the car, the computer and the lawn mower – need I go on? So it was with a bucketful of righteous indignation and outrage I contacted the customer services department, well and truly ready for battle and expecting the worst.

There’s a tendency these days for companies to surround themselves in secrecy. The last thing they want is to hear from you! No address - very often no telephone number, just an anonymous e-mail address or website.

But not in this case, there it was in black and white for all to see and wonder of wonders, after a brief filtering process with no interminable waiting accompanied by stirring music - lo and behold a “how can I help you?” real live person in the shape of a chirpy young lady called Laura, who noted the problem, the model and reference numbers, click, click, click on her keyboard then: “Our courier service will text you with a delivery time for the replacement and collection next Thursday. Is that convenient?” It certainly was. Sorted immediately with no ifs or buts? Now that’s what I call service!

A letter of appreciation is winging its way to the company because good service deserves a pat on the back. More of the same please from all you businesses out there who’ve lost the personal touch and smothered themselves in modern technology.

And a big thank you to Elizabeth Butler for letting me know about her successful expedition to find the Chalybeate Spring. Readers who’ve followed this story might be interested to see a photograph of it by Googling “The Stamford spa at the River Welland.” I’m only sorry she was unable to bring back a sample of its “healing water.” Would have done my ageing aches and pains a power of good!