A Senior Moment: One day the oldies will say enough is enough

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I am grateful to a reader for putting me right about my misguided “highly political swipe at union bosses” – letters July 6.

Clearly I have got it all wrong about six figure salary union officials, who represent the “first line of defence against attacks on our living standards” and take strike action “only as a last resort”.

Obviously I am grievously mistaken there could be any connection between the Olympic Games and threatened disruption by the Public and Commercial Services Union, in spite of barely one in ten support from its members - or walkouts by East Midlands train drivers.

How stupid of me to even contemplate a minority is holding the country to ransom. So why is it I wonder, the words hypocrisy, greed and blackmail spring so readily to mind?

But how good to see so much oldie reaction to Nick Boles’ ill advised bash ’em over the head call for means tested benefits. Just exactly what is “a better off pensioner”? There can be relatively few enjoying the same benefits awaiting him on reaching the age of divine wisdom.

So are all those who’ve worked hard for what little they do have - their own property perhaps, a reasonable standard of living maybe and what little remains of a vanishing bank balance, considered to be “better off”?

Light years ago, my generation was given to understand if we worked hard, were honest, diligent and upright citizens, the world would be our oyster. Most of us have long since given up on that vision and our best hope is that we can live out the rest of our elongated lives in relative peace, harmony and reasonable health.

We certainly do not appreciate the prospect of more aggravation than we have already.

I commend Mr Boles to read and digest all the letters published last week. They contain some sound suggestions to get this country back on its feet – like listening to those who helped rebuild post war Britain, not attacking them; like standing by promises made to gain election, like a referendum on Europe, abolishment of expensive quangos and time wasting low priority issues etc.

It is a sad reality that politicians on both sides of the house are totally out of touch with life in the real world.

How can they be otherwise - with their high salaries, expense accounts and a mountain of perks privileges and freebies the vast majority can only dream about?

Before suggesting means testing – a complete and utter anathema to a generation who have never looked at the state begging bowl in their lives, he should put his own house in order as well as reflecting on ways of gaining pensioners’ support instead of insulting them.

One day the growing army of oldies is going to say “enough is enough” and Mr Boles and his think tank friends could well be looking for a new job.

And on this happy note, who cares about the cost – let the games commence!