Joyce Lucas: Ambulance station news is so very welcome

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It was good to see that the Oakham Ambulance Station has been reprieved for the next six years.

However the response time has to improve as I also read in the same publication that someone had an accident and the waiting time was three quarters of an hour.

I helped with an accident recently when it took one and a quarter hours to get some sort of professional advice.

Rutland is a very rural area so thank goodness for defibrillators, First Responders, EMICS and the Air Ambulance.

The next topic is guerrillas. This morning I watched a programme about an upholsterer making cushions for perch seats in bus shelters from the off cuts from his work.

I call that a good way of recycling rubbish which otherwise would end up in landfill.

Guerrilla gardeners are all around the country . . . doing their bit to improve the environment. In fact that is how Oakham in Bloom started.

Two unnamed people cleared the weeds around the bandstand in Cutts Close and then the town council came in with the idea of creating Oakham in Bloom.

A lot can happen by just doing a small amount of work to improve where we live. It takes little time and effort.

Thanks once again for the donations of plants for the wild flower meadow. 
I will be planting during the first week of November.

And finally . . . I am off to taste student life for the next few days.

I remember a course I attended some years ago at a university when our son was a student at the same establishment.

The Saturday morning lecture was interesting and guess what, a whole heap of students (yes! on a Saturday morning) got up early to attend, although it was only intended for pharmaceutical students.

And I am not telling you what the topic was!