Paul Strickley writes a song to honour brave troops

Paul Strickley has written an upbeat song to honour Britain's armed forces
Paul Strickley has written an upbeat song to honour Britain's armed forces
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A man who has written an upbeat marching song is hoping it will become popular enough to be sung and played when welcoming home the troops.

Ex-soldier Paul Strickley felt that a jolly number was needed for occasions when military marches are held in town centres, so he wrote 

All Of Our Heroes was commended in the lyrics category of last year’s UK Songwriting Contest.

Paul, 75, a retired
bricklayer of Irnham Road, Stamford, is hoping it will be taken up by military bands and by school bands, choirs and orchestras.

He began songwriting as a hobby in the 1960s and recently the internet has proved very useful to him. As he is not a singer, he cannot record his own songs.

“I tweeted on Twitter that I would like to record a song and was contacted by Rose Forces Sweetheart from the Bolton area who sings in clubs to raise money for Help For Heroes and other charities that support the armed forces.

“Her songs were all a bit heavy so I thought I’d write a happier one.

“I wrote the lyrics on computer and a DJ from St Helens named Mary Hall asked for the music and she played it on the radio.

“To get it on to a CD I whistled the song on to a tape and a company called Scamp Studios picked it up and got a young woman to sing it.”

The song can currently be heard on internet audio platform SoundCloud.

““There is no real patriotic song for our soldiers, so I’m hoping this might be it,” Paul said.

An old soldier himself, he served with the Royal Lincolns from 1957 to 1959 in Malaya, Aden and Germany.

He has written about 30 songs of various genres. His most recent was one to mark Elvis Presley’s birthday, using The King’s song titles in his lyrics.

Mr Strickley is married to Janice and has one son James.

Anyone interested in the song can e-mail Paul at

A song for the troops

All Of Our Heroes

I am gonna welcome home all of our heroes,

Whose courage will always stand tall,

And I give you my word,

That my voice will be heard,

‘Cause I’ll be cheering the loudest of them all.


I must get up early in the morning,

Because it’s gonna be a beautiful day,

Tears of love will be


Someone special is coming home today.

I’m gonna join the crowds on the pavements,

On every street, every road and avenue,

And we’ll be singing this


As you are marching along,

Towards a tidal wave of red, white and blue.

Yes I’m gonna welcome home all of our heroes,

Whether black, white, yellow, brown or pink

So fill your chests with pride,

As you march side by side,

We’re brothers and sisters no matter what they think

So let your hearts fill up with admiration,

For their dedication you will always find,

And when you are

standing there,

Please whisper a silent prayer,

For the comrades they had to leave behind.

So God bless all of our


Who have always answered the call,

To defend their country and their loved ones,

Yes God bless, God bless them all.