Pensioner rises to the Rhino’s gym challenge

Babs Cornish with Nick and Sam Swann, of Rhino's Gym
Babs Cornish with Nick and Sam Swann, of Rhino's Gym
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A pensioner and her partner are the latest additions to a gym after taking up the owners on their offer of a month’s free membership.

Babs Cornish, 67, of Birch Road, Stamford, was invited to Rhino’s Gymnasium in Ryhall Road by owner Nick Swann.

Babs wrote to the Mercury in December full of praise for male members of the gym who posed naked for a charity calendar in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

And after reading her letter, Nick offered Babs a month’s free membership - along with a chance to star in Rhino’s 2015 women’s calendar.

Babs took up the offer of membership and she and partner Reg Meaney are now fully-fledged gym bunnies.

Babs said: “As my partner suffers from Fibromyalgia and having had a triple bypass 17 years ago he was quite rightly concerned about going to the gym. Nick could not have been more helpful and guided him through gentle exercises on suitable equipment for him and so far, so good. Reg is finding it quite beneficial.

“So don’t be worried about going to Rhino’s gym as I have found it enjoyable, friendly and fun. I never thought I would use ‘fun’ and ‘gym’ in the same sentence!”

Nick said: “It was a pleasure to take Babs and Reg through the gym induction, consisting of cardio, resistance and free weights and to see their confidence grow to the point that they left the gym laughing and joking.”