Call for fair treatment after wreaths taken from grave at Stamford cemetery

Geoff Sandall at his wife's grave at Stamford cemetery
Geoff Sandall at his wife's grave at Stamford cemetery
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A widower has called on a council to apply cemetery rules fairly after wreaths were removed from his wife’s grave but not others.

Geoff Sandall was surprised to see the two wreaths he had laid at the grave of his late wife Heather in Stamford cemetery had been taken away.

Geoff, of Fitzwilliam Road, Stamford, initially thought the grave had been vandalised. But when he called Stamford Town Council, which manages the cemetery, he was told cemetery groundsmen had taken the wreaths away.

This was despite similar wreaths being left at graves either side of his late wife’s for another week.

Geoff, who visits the cemetery in Little Casterton Road most mornings, said: “I think what’s fair for one is fair for another.

“It should be left to the discretion of the loved ones to move them.

“But if the council is going to do it, do it to everyone. It’s better than leaving other people’s on for three weeks after mine.”

Geoff said he’d removed two wreaths himself because they had died. But the two he left on the grave were “perfectly fine.”

Geoff said: “There was nothing wrong with them so I thought it had been vandalised. I was gobsmacked when I realised it was the council.”

Town clerk Patricia Stuart-Mogg was unavailable to comment.

Coun Mike Exton (Con), who chairs the town council’s amenities committee, said the cemetery was classed as a lawned site, and rules stated that 14 days after Christmas wreaths would be removed.

He was unfamiliar with Geoff’s particular case, but added: “We do like to be a little bit sympathetic to the bereaved.”