Crack down on rogue motorists in Stamford and the Deepings to start in October

Photo: SM250712-018ow'St Leonard's Street resident Richard Cleaver who wants a parking permit scheme introduced in Stamford.
Photo: SM250712-018ow'St Leonard's Street resident Richard Cleaver who wants a parking permit scheme introduced in Stamford.

PARKING wardens will be issuing tickets on the streets of Stamford and the Deepings from October.

But residents hoping they will be exempt from fines will have to wait at least a year for a permit scheme to be set up.

Lincolnshire County Council will take over responsibility 
for issuing parking fines on October 1.

Restrictions are rarely enforced at present because police forces no longer employ traffic wardens.

Lincolnshire will be the last county in the country to take over parking enforcement duties.

Tickets will be given out to drivers parked illegally or who stay beyond their time limits.

The car parks owned by South Kesteven District Council will still be patrolled by its wardens.

Worried residents in Stamford were hoping a permit scheme could be set up quickly to enable them to park near their homes. The district council would need to set up the scheme.

District council leader Linda Neal (Con) said: “We are keen to come up with a plan for residents’ parking as soon as possible and get it submitted to the county council. We have listened to what residents want and I am certain we will be able to deliver residents’ parking schemes but it is not an easy process.

“There has always been insufficient time for us to submit an application for residents’ parking schemes.”

The council’s cabinet will consider a parking policy at a meeting on September 3 but it also has to come up with suggestions for individual areas and Coun Neal said there was a lot of work being done to research the parking habits of each street in the town.

Once the council approves schemes there will be a consultation period before the county council and Department for Transport are asked to approve them.

The district council is trying to keep the costs of implementing residents’ parking schemes as low as possible.

Coun Neal said: “Whatever costs there are, the money is going to have to be recouped through the parking schemes and clearly we need to keep the costs of permits as low as possible.”

She said the council was researching what could be done to help residents in the meantime.

She said: “We are exploring options for what we can do to assist in the interim period and we have looked at making the car

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parks available. This has been met with some scepticism but it is a genuine offer from us in the interim and not by any means a permanent solution.”

Richard Cleaver, of St Leonard’s Street, Stamford, has led calls for a parking scheme to be set up.

He said: “Everyone has known for a long time that Lincolnshire County Council is going down this road but we are not naive, we knew the bureaucracy was going to take time.

“It is disappointing to hear that the district council is a year away from getting parking schemes implemented.”

Mr Cleaver said residents would be willing to discuss measures that could be set up in the interim.

He added: “We are not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and all good things will have to be grasped with both hands.”

Traffic wardens will be patrolling the streets from the beginning of October but people will not have to start paying parking fines until October 15.

Lincolnshire Police will still deal with offences that lead to penalty points, such as some obstruction offences.