Have your say: South Kesteven boundary changes

South Kesteven District Council offices in Grantham
South Kesteven District Council offices in Grantham
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There is still time to have your say on plans to redraw South Kesteven District Council’s ward boundaries including Stamford and Bourne areas.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has come up with new ward boundaries for South Kesteven to even out the number of voters per councillor.

Under the proposals, Stamford would lose one of the councillors from St John’s ward, bringing the total down to eight .

There would also be slight changes to the boundaries to even out voter distribution.


Bourne would gain a ward and a councillor. A new Bourne Austerby ward would be added to the existing Bourne East and Bourne West.

The new ward, south of West Street and Coggles Causeway, would have three councillors while Bourne East and Bourne West would have two each.

The two Deepings wards would not change. But many of the rural wards have been redrawn.

Truesdale would be renamed Casewick and would extend north to include Greatford.

Thurlby and the south of the Hillsides ward would become Dole Wood while a new Glen ward would be formed, incorporating the rest of Hillsides and Castle Bytham.

Colsterworth, South and North Witham would be part of Isaac Newton ward while Glen Eden would become Castle.

The Ringstone and Aveland wards would become Morton and Fenside respectively, with the boundary between moving south of Haconby. And Toller would remain the same.

The consultation documents feature maps of the proposed changes along with details of voter spread - visit www.lgbce.org.uk to see the changes on a map and have your say.

This part of the consultation closes on 6 January 2014. Final recommendations will be published in March 2014.

Do you agree with the proposals - do they reflect the interests and identities of the Stamford/Bourne areas?

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