More council homes to have new insulation

South Kesteven District Council news.
South Kesteven District Council news.

Councillors voted to add external insulation to more than 70 council houses in an ongoing improvement scheme.

South Kesteven District Council’s development control committee approved plans to add the cladding to homes in Lambeth Walk and Little Casterton Road, Stamford, on Tuesday.

The same insulation has already been installed on council houses in Radcliffe Road, New Cross Road, Cliff Road, Cliff Crescent and Northumberland Avenue.

Much of the work was paid for through the Government’s energy company obligation grant.

Some residents living in privately-owned homes in Lambeth Walk objected to the plans.

They said the cladding would make the properties look cheap and stop the bricks from breathing.

They also said it would devalue private homes.