Planning Inspectorate to hold public inquiry into The Pavilion in Burley

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A public inquiry will be held after the owner of a house appealed against an enforcement notice ordering him to make major changes.

Rutland County Council issued the notice to the owners of The Pavilion in Home Farm Close, Burley, in February, after it came to light that the property went far beyond what it had planning permission for.

The notice gave the owners two years to make changes, including reducing the height of the roof, but the owner appealed against the ruling.

Interested parties had the opportunity to make comments to the Planning Inspectorate, which will hold the inquiry. The closing date for interested parties to submit their comments was yesterday.

Chairman of the Rutland branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Julian Lessey, said in his letter to the inspector: “If it is seen by big developers, builders and land owners that it is possible to get away with a breach of this scale, respect for planning enforcement will be eroded.”

He “wholeheartedly” called on the inspector to reject the appeal.

In his response, Gerry Robinson, who lives in Home Farm Close, said work over nine years had “quadrupled” the size of the building.

He said “minor” work at other homes in the road had been refused and questioned why it should be different for The Pavilion.

The next stage is for the inspector to look at the evidence and set a date for the appeal to be heard.