Council outlines parking plan to Stamford residents

The five zones proposed under the South Kesteven District Council residents' parking scheme for Stamford

The five zones proposed under the South Kesteven District Council residents' parking scheme for Stamford


Residents affected by plans to introduce a parking permit scheme in their streets have been finding out more at an information day.

South Kesteven District Council presented plans for the scheme at Stamford Arts Centre today (Friday).

Under the plans, residents of five areas around the town centre could be asked to pay up to £100 for a parking permit.

Lincolnshire County Council took over parking enforcement powers from the police in December and many residents who used to park in restricted zones without punishment have since been at the risk of fines.

Peter and Jennifer Gosling (pictured) live in Church Lane, which comes under zone three of the scheme.

Peter, 85, said: “My street has been free parking for people who don’t want to pay in the town centre.

“I have had people park outside my door for a fortnight.

“We own one car and struggle to park at the moment. I would be happy to pay for a permit. I think it’s a good scheme.”

John Partridge, 71, lives in St Mary’s Street, which falls in zone 1b.

Mr Partridge bought one of the £155 temporary permits issued to residents while a permanent scheme was drawn up.

He said: “The permit has been absolutely superb so far. If this is the system then I hope it is accepted.

“I could always park on my street but since wardens have been patrolling it, spaces have appeared more regularly.

“I couldn’t think of a simpler, more effective answer than the exemptions for residents.”

And Steve Marsh, 53, who lives in Broad Street, was pleased the council had added residents on the outskirts of the town centre into the scheme.

He said: “It is important we get some kind of scheme because people have been campaigning for it for a while.
“It is interesting that the council has extended the zones to include people who may have been impacted by people parking in their streets if the scheme didn’t go ahead.

“People are realising what the impact could be without a scheme.”

Today’s information session is open until 4pm. A further session will be held at the arts centre on Wednesday from 2pm until 7pm.

South Kesteven District Council has also sent questionnaires to 2,900 homes and businesses in the five proposed parking zones.

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The proposed scheme

The district council is looking at five separate areas where schemes could be introduced.

The first (1a) is between Tinwell Road and Scotgate; the second (1b) is between Scotgate and North Street, East Street and parts of St Leonard’s Street, St Paul’s Street, the third (1c) takes in areas from the edge of 1b to Uffington Road.

These areas would allow permit holders to park in time restricted bays.

Zone two takes in North Street up to Alexandra Road, including Recreation Ground Road and zone three takes in Station Road, Water Street, High Street St Martin’s and surrounding streets.

In these areas, resident only parking bays could be introduced as well as shared use of time restricted bays.

More than half the people living in a scheme area have to be in support before it is introduced.

The cost of a permanent permit could be as high as £80 to £100 if the take-up is low.

District council property development manager Neil Cucksey said it could be as low as £50 if there was a high take-up. The price could drop in years to come once the costs of setting up the scheme are recovered.

Visit the council’s website for all the details on the parking scheme.




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