Rutland county councillor Marc Oxley joins the Green Party

Councillor Marc Oxley
Councillor Marc Oxley

A county councillor who has served one party for 10 years has switched his allegiance.

Rutland county councillor Marc Oxley, who serves the Uppingham ward, has joined the Green Party, after a decade as a LibDem.

The council is now represented by four political parties, including 16 Conservative councillors, three UKIP councillors, one LibDem and one Green Party member, as well as five independent councillors.

Coun Oxley, 58, of Pleasant Terrace, Uppingham, has joined the party to address issues in global warming, climate change and food shortages.

He said: “The world has changed so much since I was born and I feel that in joining the Green Party I’m better able to express my frustration at the lack of will by the three main parties nationally to tackle environmental problems.

“I would like to thank LibDem members locally for all their help and support.”