War Horse author Michael Morpurgo backs fight to save Deepings Library

Michael Morpurgo
Michael Morpurgo
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Campaigners battling to save Deepings Library from closure have secured the support of award-winning author Michael Morpurgo, who wrote a letter to the group.

The facility is under threat as Lincolnshire County Council looks to cut £2m from its annual £6m library budget by 2015.

Mr Morpurgo, who wrote best seller War Horse, said: “If we believe that the mind is as important as the body - and we should not of course separate the two - then a local library in its own way is as important to our welfare as a hospital.

“We have long held it to be a fundamental right that all our citizens, old and young alike, in town and country, should be able have access to hospital and library alike, regardless of the ability to pay.

“It is the way we have looked after one another, part of who we are. Close a library and you can take away a child’s opportunity for knowledge and understanding, and the joy of reading for ever.

“Take a library away from older people and you take away comfort and stimulus, and yes again, the sheer joy of reading.

“Take away a library and you take away a vital opportunity for companionship, and what are we without that? I urge those responsible for doing all they can in these difficult times, to keep the local library open, however small.”