Wardens to tackle parking problems in Burghley Court, Stamford

Cars parked illegally in Burghley Court, Stamford
Cars parked illegally in Burghley Court, Stamford
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A council has agreed to step up parking patrols after residents complained of drivers blocking the road outside their homes.

Burghley Court in Stamford is surrounded on three sides by homes and a private car park, with double yellow lines restricting any parking on the road.

But drivers often ignore the lines and park in front of homes or even in the middle of the road.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said the situation was getting out of hand.

She added: “A car has been parked on the double yellow lines for the last 10 days.

“It encourages other people to park next to and opposite it.”

The resident said illegally-parked cars often blocked the entrance to the private car park.

She added: “It’s not just disturbing residents. It’s getting in the way of people making deliveries as well. The binmen are also having problems.

“There were five cars parked illegally on Saturday.”

Lincolnshire County Council took over on-street parking enforcement powers from the police in December, 2012.

Wardens regularly patrol Stamford town centre and Burghley Court, along with neighbouring Stanley Street, is included in their route.

The resident said she had tried to contact Lincolnshire County Council to report the vehicles but was unable to get through.

A council spokesman said there had been technical issues with the parking hotline in recent weeks and apologised for any problems getting through.

The council’s parking services officer Matt Jones said: “Our enforcement officers do patrol this area and we have issued tickets there in the past, but I will make sure they visit it more regularly in the future to tackle any incidences of illegal parking.”

Residents can report on-street parking violations by calling the council on 01522 511142.