Pupils remember Laurie with Big Book of Smiles

Ted Parkinson, left, and Daniel Cunnell, both six, with a copy of the Big Book of Smiles
Ted Parkinson, left, and Daniel Cunnell, both six, with a copy of the Big Book of Smiles
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Youngsters have published a book of jokes so they can remember with a smile a school friend who died in a tragic accident.

Pupils and staff at Ketton Primary School have come up with their own jokes and illustrations for a book called the Big Book of Smiles.

Laurie Mills

Laurie Mills

The book is dedicated to six-year-old Laurie Mills, pictured left, who drowned with his grandmother Dawn Mullany in February, 2012. The two had gone to feed the ducks at Holywell Lake, near Castle Bytham where Mrs Mullany lived, when the tragedy happened.

The school’s parent teacher and friends association compiled the book as an ideal way to remember the youngster, who always had a smile on his face and who loved a good joke.

Laurie’s parents Asmina and Vaughan have been involved in the book and visited the school last Friday to choose a favourite joke from each year group. Authors of the jokes were awarded prizes during a special assembly before the book went on sale.

Mr and Mrs Mills said: “Laurie loved a good joke and had a wicked sense of humour.

“When reading memories of Laurie by his classmates, many of them remembered him for the jokes that he told.

“He would have loved the idea of this book.”

In a commemoration on the back of the book, his parents wrote: “The following sums up Laurie’s quirky character and his sense of humour: When asked at the age of six what his three wishes would be, Laurie replied as follows: 1 Win the X Factor, 2 Watch TV all day, 3 Live in a hammock.”

Teacher Jo Jordan, who taught Laurie in his first year at the school, said: “It has been such fun in class reading out all the jokes, and although it has been so sad thinking of Laurie and his grandma, it was so easy to see him laughing and chuckling in his own unique Laurie way.

“It has made my memories of him so fresh and happy.”

Headteacher Glenn Fraser said Laurie was a very special boy, who was very much missed by children and staff alike. He added: “The joke book has been an uplifting way to commemorate his life, and the huge sense of fun he bought to the school.”

Alix Cunnell, a member of the parent teacher and friends association, said the book had provided a way for children who had not known Laurie to get involved and for his friends to remember him with a smile.

The front page of the book features a Mr Happy character from the Mr Men series. For the last year, Laurie’s friends and family have been putting Mr Happy stickers in special places to remember the happy little boy.

Jokes that would have made Laurie laugh

In our Christmas play my friend Lily was the shepherd, I was the angel and my friend Jake was the camel but he got the hump!

Francesca Jones

What does an octopus wear in the winter?

A coat of arms!

Audrey Beevers

Why do fairy godmothers make good football coaches?

Because they always help you get to the ball!

Amelie Lindsay

Mary Poppins went to a restaurant. The waiter came and said, “Hello Mary Poppins, what would you like to eat today?” Mary Poppins said, “I would like some cauliflower cheese and fried eggs please.” So the waiter brought the food and Mary Poppins started to eat it. After a few minutes the waiter came back and asked, “How was your food, Mary Poppins?” She said “Super cauliflower cheese – the eggs are quite atrocious!

William Cook

My dog Minton ate all three shuttlecocks. What did I say to him?


Sophie Sampson

Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize?

Because he was out-standing in his field!

Georgina Mead

All these jokes and more are in the Big Book of Smiles, price £3.50, available from Ketton Primary School, Ketton Post Office and Village Store and Bubble and Squeak in High Street, Stamford