Residents speak out over parking fears

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TOWN centre residents fearing they could be fined for parking in front of their homes have spoken out.

People living in Stamford’s centre are calling for a residents permit scheme to be put in place or a guarantee that they won’t be prosecuted for parking when civil enforcement comes into force.

Parking laws are being decriminalised and the power will be passing from the police to Lincolnshire County Council.

The county council is working with district councils to put together an enforcement scheme but there is currently no permit scheme for Stamford.

But this is creating a headache for people who have to park on the roads as they don’t have their own space.

Four residents went along to the Stamford Town Council meeting on Tuesday to call for the members to put forward a strategy for the town.

St Peter’s Community Group chairman Jean Orpin said: “Properly managed parking is essential for all. Due regard must be to residents for the wellbeing of the town, we are an important part.”

Carol Meads warned that she would have to park in non designated streets while Carol Wills said that Stamford had to move into the 21st century.

Graham Thompson is chairman of Stamford Neighbourhood Police Panel, which sets priorites for police, said that parking has been a continuous problem.

He said: “A parking scheme is not about giving residents privileges, it is about putting in place a scheme which makes the best use of the limited resources.”

The town council said that it had adopted a parking strategy in 2009 which was devised by Coun John Harvey which was put forward to South Kesteven District Council but not adopted.