Richard Adams creates YouTube channel to show off his photographs

Burghley House'Photo: Richard Adams
Burghley House'Photo: Richard Adams

AN amateur photo-grapher has embraced the digital age by creating a YouTube channel to show his photographs - and to encourage tourists.

Richard Adams, 68, of Trent Road, Oakham, has been happily taking pictures for 60 years, ever since his mother first handed him a Kodak Box Brownie camera at the age of eight.

Little did she know that 60 years later he would still be snapping away and is even relying on social media to get his images out into the public domain.

Richard already makes a charity calendar each year in aid of Rutland Churches Together, pulling together some of his best images from the previous year.

But using YouTube he has been able to put his photographs to music to create displays of Rutland, Stamford and the surrounding areas.

He said: “I feel so very lucky to have such an absorbing hobby and also am privileged to live in such a photogenic area with all that Rutland and Stamford have to offer.”

Richard retired as a chief officer in local government in Rutland a few years ago and since the he has had time to dedicate to photography.

Having traditionally used film cameras he has switched to the digital age and moved with the times and has decided not to stop there.

Earlier this year he realised that the internet presented an opportunity to share his work with a much larger audience and set up his own YouTube channel which anybody with internet access can view at no cost.

He said: “If you have a love for a hobby or a craft you want to share it with other people.”

Not only does this site contain sequences on Rutland and Stamford but also of many other places further afield which he and his wife Pauline have visited.

Richard said: “More than 2,000 people have already visited the channel.

“I would like to think that through this medium more people will be encouraged to come and enjoy some of the sights which those of us who live in the area often take for granted.”

To view Richards photographic displays visit