Rutland Running Club president caught up in Boston Marathon drama

Rutland Running Club president Paul Rogerson
Rutland Running Club president Paul Rogerson
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The president of Rutland Running and Triathlon Club was caught up in the drama of the Boston Marathon.

Paul Rogerson was among 23,000 runners taking part in the event, which was being watched by thousands of spectators when there were two explosions near the finish line.

Paul Rogerson

Paul Rogerson

The explosions left three people dead and at least 140 people injured, 17 critically, according to officials.

The first explosion happened about two hours after the winners crossed the line.

The club’s trainer Zoe Smith said she had heard Paul was fine.

She said: “He was diverted away from the finish line and then the race was abandoned but thankfully he’s ok.”

On his Facebook page, Paul reassured people he was fine.

He said: “My part of the race was stopped half a mile from the finish and we were held there for an hour until we were informed that the race had been abandoned and we were to make our way via a safe route to the baggage buses to collect our bags.”

He added that he hoped to “find a large steak and a few beers” following the race.

Organisers of this Sunday’s London Marathon, which dozens of local people are due to take part in, said the race would still go ahead.