Slideshow: RSPCA rescue animals up for rehoming

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Animal rescue officers are appealing for help as they enter one of their busiest times of the year.

Officers from the Stamford and Peterborough branch of the RSPCA are appealing for people to help care for and adopt some of the many animals they are rescuing each week.

RSPCA homing feature at the Acorn Kennels at Eye near Peterborough. Emma Butler with  Ben

RSPCA homing feature at the Acorn Kennels at Eye near Peterborough. Emma Butler with Ben

RSPCA officer Justin Stubbs said: “If last year is anything to go by, the RSPCA is going to be having its busiest year yet.

“Our kitten season started recently, where we get called to dumped and abandoned kittens, often just days old.

“I collected three that were dumped in an old, wet cardboard box under shrubbery on a footpath just a couple of days old last week, and thankfully, a vet nurse has taken them in to foster and bottle feed them.”

“As the season goes on, we will probably be picking up kittens this young at the rate of ten to 15 a week, more often than not these will be ones found dumped in a box in a layby, or the luckier ones will be left in a box at a vets front door.”

“Every single year it is the same in Stamford, the villages and surrounding areas. It is a real problem.”

The three kittens, which still had their umbilical cords attached, were found in Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, earlier this month.

The cats are now being cared for by volunteers at Nuvets in Bretton but the facilities the RSPCA use do not always have the manpower to bottle feed and clean the youngest and most vulnerable of the rescued kittens. The RSPCA is now looking for foster carers to help board the “small furries.”

Mr Stubbs said: “I would appeal for people who think they have the time, commitment, and experience of looking after the smaller kittens on a fostering basis to get in touch.

“This is not a job that is for those who think they might become emotionally attached, as the ultimate aim for the kittens will always be to have them adopted into their ‘forever homes,’ and owing to what the RSPCA sees day in and day out, we certainly would be looking for those we are certain can give the best of care to the kittens.”

The RSPCA is also looking for people to adopt animals they are currently caring for which includes: rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, ferrets and more.

Anyone who feels they are able to help care for kittens in the short term or are interested in adopting rescued animals should call Paul Markley on 01733 222188.