Smoke detector ‘saved woman’s life’ after Oakham fire

Lincs Fire and Rescue News.
Lincs Fire and Rescue News.
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A woman had a lucky escape after she was alerted to a fire by a smoke alarm.

An electrical fault in the bathroom of a home in Braunston Road, Oakham, sparked a fire at about midnight on Tuesday.

The fire service was called and two crews from Oakham arrived in time to put out the flames before they did any serious damage.

Fire officer and watch manager at Oakham fire station Mark Draper said the woman had been asleep in the house at the time of the fire and it was lucky the smoke alarm had been set off.

He added: “Had this person not been alerted by the smoke detector she wouldn’t have woken up.

“The amount of smoke there would have rendered her unconscious.

“The house is isolated and it would have been some time before we were alerted.

“The smoke detector saved her life.”

Firefighters put the flames out and used specialist equipment to pump all the smoke from the house.

The woman living there managed to get out of the house before the crews arrived.

Officer Draper said the case served to highlight the clear benefit of having working fire alarms installed in homes and workplaces.

He added: “This is a prime example of when a life has been saved.”