Swimming pool at Bourne Leisure Centre closed because of broken glass

A swimming pool has been forced to close for more than a week due to broken glass in the water.

The leisure pool at Bourne Leisure Centre in Queen’s Road has been shut since Monday last week when an underwater light was broken causing glass to fall into the pool.

The pool was closed because of the health hazard caused and had to be drained for repair work to be done.

Draining the pool took two days to complete. While the pool was empty South Kesteven District Council and Leisure Connection, which runs the centre, took the opportunity to carry out other repairs needed, including re-tiling and grouting the floor and walls of the pool.

Refilling the pool takes three day to complete but the district council said the facility will be open as usual on Monday.

The pool was forced to closed for 10 days in February when an issue with a routine maintenance procedure to clean the filters led to a large amount of sand and grit being deposited in the swimming pool from the filters.

The disruption came during Lincolnshire schools’ half-term week, which normally increases the number of pool visits to about 2,000 each week.