Three-hour rescue for Stamford High School pupil’s stranded pony

Pony Thai being rescued by firefighters
Pony Thai being rescued by firefighters
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A schoolgirl was delighted to be reunited with her best friend after a desperate three-hour rescue involving more than 20 people.

Catherine Leake, 15, a pupil at Stamford High School, feared her pony Thai was in trouble when she returned home from school to find flashing blue lights.

Catherine Leake, 15, of Stamford High Schoo, with Thai after the rescue

Catherine Leake, 15, of Stamford High Schoo, with Thai after the rescue

Unbeknown to Catherine, the 13-year-old pony had become stuck in a ditch next to the field where she rides in Loddington near Belton-in-Rutland.

The ditch had flooded and firefighters and vets were busy trying to release her.

After a three-hour struggle, a specialist animal rescue unit managed to free the animal and a vet was on hand to check her over.

There were fears that Thai’s leg, which had become stuck, may be broken but an inspection revealed it was not.

Catherine, of Main Street, Loddington, said: “I was a wreck when I realised she was in trouble. I was told her leg was stuck and it was really difficult not knowing whether she was ok or not. But then it was so relieving to see her stand on four feet.

“I don’t know what I would have done if I was told I couldn’t ride her again. I probably wouldn’t be able to ride a horse ever again.”

Catherine’s mum Diane, added: “Such a big thank you goes to everyone who helped out. It shouldn’t be long before Catherine is riding her again.”

l Firefighters saved another horse that had fallen into a ditch in Deene Road, Harringworth at 11am on Sunday. The horse was freed without sustaining any injuries by a crew using specialist animal rescue equipment.