Railway bridge plan for Tallington is moving forward

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Parish councillors are “cautiously positive” that a scheme to close a level crossing and replace it with a bridge is moving forward.

Network Rail has been working with Lincolnshire County Council to find a way to close the level crossing in Tallington and build a bridge over the railway line.

The bridge would be joined to the A1175 by two link roads.

Tallington Parish Council chairman Coun Geoff Mayling said the council was pleased to hear Network Rail had appointed a project sponsor to supervise the scheme.

He said: “I e-mailed the county council to ask whether we should form a negative or positive view on Network Rail’s commitment.

“They told me we should be cautiously positive - and we are.

“Bearing in mind that there has been a scheme in place for the last 60 years it is a very slow process and we just look at it step by step.

“I contact Network Rail before each parish council meeting for an update.

“The fact we have got to a stage where a project sponsor has been appointed is a positive step forward.”

The crossing at Tallington is one of the busiest on the East Coast Main Line. Former Tallington parish councillor Ken Otter has been campaigning for the bridge for a number of years.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We have a national programme which is seeking to remove as many level crossings as possible from the rail network.

“We are aware of local concerns about the disruption to road users caused by the activation of Tallington level crossing and one of our project teams is in discussions with the local authority to see if it is possible to remove the crossing and replace it with an alternative right of way.”

Coun Mayling said the project sponsor had visited Tallington before speaking to the county council last month.

County council area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said: “The project is still in its infancy but we are working with Network Rail to keep moving things forward.”