More messy lines painted on Stamford cobbles

Newly-painted parking bays in St Mary's Place, Stamford. Photo: MSMP180614-001am EMN-140618-142244001

Newly-painted parking bays in St Mary's Place, Stamford. Photo: MSMP180614-001am EMN-140618-142244001

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A council has sparked further controversy by repainting parking bays in a street where double yellow lines were repainted three times.

Some of the staggered diagonal bays in St Mary’s Place, Stamford, have been replaced by a long bay running parallel to the street.

Lincolnshire County Council has replaced the thin white lines with thicker markings. But the old bays are still visible on the street.

Beaulah Smith lives in one of the homes in St Mary’s Place and has recently started to renovate it. She said the road should be held to the same high standards as the listed buildings alongside it.

Mrs Smith added: “It therefore is extraordinary to us that the county council highways agency can ride roughshod over those same considerations without so much as a by-your-leave and paint any kind of road markings on Stamford’s only remaining historic cobbled street, let alone the inappropriate, oversized and shoddy effort it has today inflicted on St Mary’s Place. So much for integrity and character.”

Mrs Smith raised other issues alongside the appearance of the road. She said the number of parking spaces had been reduced and the new design had increased the speed of vehicles in the road.

The council’s area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said the old bays were too small for modern vehicles, compromising pedestrian safety.

He added: “The old bays had virtually gone, hence why the new markings were laid. To totally remove them would incur another closure and a significant cost of a machine to blast off any markings left. They aren’t that clear now and will completely wear off in time.”

Two sets of double yellow lines have had to be removed from St Mary’s Place in recent years. The first set were removed by the council shortly after they were painted in November 2012 after people branded the work shoddy. But new lines painted in January 2013 also broke up and failed to stick to the cobbles.

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