TV’s Sarah Beeny helps Lindsey’s kitchen dream come true

Lindsey Adams whose home extension features on Channel 4 tv'Photo: MSMP190912-135js
Lindsey Adams whose home extension features on Channel 4 tv'Photo: MSMP190912-135js
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A WOMAN from Stamford was thrilled that her 15 minutes of fame brought her a brand new kitchen.

Lindsey Adams, of Charlock Drive, appeared on Channel 4’s new property programme Double Your House for Half the Money on Tuesday evening.

The idea of the show is to help people realise their property dreams without having to move or break the bank, and with the help of property expert and TV presenter Sarah Beeny, Lindsey completed a £40,000 extension of her kitchen and dining room.

Describing the moment she watched herself on TV, Lindsey, 43, who works at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in Easton-on-the-Hill, said: “It was terrifying watching it back because I didn’t see it before it aired.

“I didn’t know what they would include but I think how they portrayed it was a real true reflection of the experience.

“I had my family over to watch it with me on Tuesday. It was very surreal watching it back, but it was all brilliantly done.”

Lindsey, who was born with dwarfism, had been planning to do work to her house for more than two years, especially her kitchen which she wanted to be specifically adapted to meet her needs.

But having been let down by structural engineers, Lindsey, who has lived on her own for ten years following the death of her husband Damian, decided to put it on the shelf for a while.

That was until she noticed an advert on the Channel 4 website that was calling for people to apply to the show, and with the chance to work property guru Sarah, Lindsey jumped at the chance.

She said: “Sarah is one of the best and it was great to meet her. She was so nice and really, really down to earth. I really connected with her.

“Sarah’s an expert and she really had some great ideas.”

On the show, Sarah took Lindsey to a kitchen studio in High Wycombe and the pair picked up a range of ideas for her kitchen diner.

Taking inspiration from what she saw, her new kitchen diner was designed and built. It includes a range of features such as pull down units built into cupboards and multi-levelled work tops, as well as skylights to make the room lighter.

The work was carried out by a number of Stamford businesses, including designers Bakehouse Kitchen Studio and builders Hardy Construction.

Lindsey was delighted with the finished article.

She said: “I’m so happy with it all. It’s far better than I imagined it would be. After having to stand on a box for 40 years, it’s nice to be able get around and not need it.

“I’ve now got a kitchen and dining area for entertaining, which I love, but I just can’t get my friends out the house.

“Being on the show really has inspired me and I’ve got plans for upstairs, but that’s next year’s project.”

Speaking about her new kitchen diner on the show, Sarah Beeny said: “It’s an elegant and contemporary kitchen diner. The kitchen fits to work for her and it’s truly magnificent.”