UFO spotted over Stamford

A MYSTERY has been sparked by the sighting of strange objects flying over Stamford.

Janet Garratt and her friend Margaret Fox saw two oval-shaped objects falling above Lonsdale Road before stopping mid-air and then zooming off into the distance.

Mrs Garratt described one of the objects as being yellow, orange and red while the other was black and said that they flew at the same height on Wednesday last week.

RAF Wittering said that they were flying on that day but no military activity happened over Stamford.

Mrs Garratt, of Cottesmore Road, Stamford says that she would like to know what these objects are.

She said: "I don't really know what it was. It was nothing I had seen before.

"I am open-minded on what it is but I thought perhaps the Mercury might find out that something was going on.

"There might be somebody else who might have seen it."

Mrs Garratt was visiting her friend Mrs Fox when they spotted the objects falling at about 11am before stopping at an estimated two house lengths above the ground.

Mrs Garratt said: "All of a sudden they just stopped dead in the air and did a bit of hovering and were both level at the same height.

"Then they took off at speed.

"I couldn't believe what I was watching."

Wittering spokesman Flt LFt Kerry Shardlow said: "We did have flying on that day but our aircraft would not do low flying. They do not fly over Stamford.

"There were no military operations taking in the area that we know of."