Video: Writer pens book after battle with alcoholism

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A man who hit rock bottom during his battle with alcoholism has bounced back to put pen to paper and publish a book based on his dreams.

Christopher Simpson, of Edmunds Close, Stamford, admits he was at an all-time low when he was spending nights sleeping rough on The Meadows, struggling to hold down a job and doing whatever he could to get his next drink.

Ex-alcoholic Christopher Simpson, from Stamford, who has written a book inspired by dreams.'Photo: MSMP290713-011ow

Ex-alcoholic Christopher Simpson, from Stamford, who has written a book inspired by dreams.'Photo: MSMP290713-011ow

His darkest moment came when he split from his wife Glendia after she returned home from work to find him passed out in the garden while he was supposed to be looking after his son, also called Christopher, who was five at the time.

At that time he was reaching for the red wine first thing in the morning and continued his drinking throughout the day, even gargling with TCP to mask the smell on his breath.

Christopher, 60, said: “Absolutely nothing would make me stop drinking.

“I was hiding bottles around the house and in the garden, and I couldn’t hold down a job.

“I knew I had a problem but I just couldn’t do anything about it.

“I’ve been married for 18 years but for the first 11 years we spent more time apart.

“Glendia was a social worker but she was spending more of her time looking after me.”

But that all changed when he was given a lifeline by his friend Bob Shrubsall, from Spalding. Bob gave Christopher a roof over his head and helped him find a job working for the Royal Mail’s sorting offices in Peterborough.

It was on his way home on the train from work one-day when Christopher decided he was going to text Glendia to say he wanted a divorce. But just as he was about to send the text, a stranger on the empty carriage, who had read the message, told him that him and Glendia were meant to be together.

He was also received a call the following morning from his step-daughter Melissa who told him to stop drinking and there were people who needed him.

Christopher said: “The incident on the train and the call I got from Melissa really freaked me out. I felt like I was visited by an angel.

“And that was the final blow. When I told Bob I was going to stop drinking he nearly fell of his chair.

“I stopped drinking seven years ago on that day and I’m never going to go back.”

Christopher managed to prove he had changed his ways and was soon reconciled with Glendia.

He then found himself a job working as a chef at Stamford and District Indoor Bowls Club after previously spending 12 years in the army as a cook.

Christopher’s latest inspiration came when he woke up from a dream two years ago and heard a voice telling to write it down.

The dreams started to become a regular occurrence and not before long, he had an abundance of material.

With financial help from his friend at the bowls club, Jerry Breen, he decided to get his stories self-published.

The book, Dream Angel Destiny of Time, is a collection of short stories, featuring two characters Liam and Melody, who are sent on their adventures by the angel Destiny. Their adventures include a rescue out at sea, a hunt for a lost dog and much more, all coming from Christopher’s visions in his dreams.

He said: “I’ve never liked writing and had trouble doing my own accounts but I had a voice telling me to write down my dreams.

“It was so strange and hard to explain, but it felt like it was something I was being told to do.

“It was really exciting seeing the final product and I’ve already started working on my next one.”

The book is available at £9.95 (paperback) and £17.99 (hardback) from There is also a preview video on