Vote for the best African inspired artwork at exhibition


Developer Larkfleet Homes has joined forces with Bourne Abbey Primary Academy to help raise funds for a school in Kenya.

In July, the school held an Africa Day during which pupils learned about the continent, set up money-raising stalls and produced some African inspired art.

Larkfleet has agreed to display a selection of the artwork produced by pupils at its Abbeyfields showhome, located in Spalding Road in Bourne.

Members of the public and parents of pupils are invited to visit the exhibition and to vote for their favourite piece from Saturday until Friday between 10am and 5pm.

For each vote cast Larkfleet will donate £1 to the Friends of Nyansakia,

The pupil who created the artwork which receives the most votes will win a selection of art materials donated by Larkfleet Homes.

The Bourne school works closely with local group, Friends of Nyansakia which raises money for the impoverished community, including a primary school which has about 1,000 pupils in Nyansakia, Kenya.

Larkfleet Homes managing director Karl Hick said: “It is a pleasure to work with Bourne Abbey Primary Academy to raise money for the community and school in Nyansakia.

“With the Africa Day and art exhibition, pupils and their parents, as well as members of the Bourne community, have the opportunity to help people living over 4,000 miles away.”