Wet weather blamed for state of Stamford Cemetery

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Ground staff and councillors have promised to address concerns about the state of Stamford Cemetery after one visitor claimed it has “gone to the dogs”.

Eileen Dunkley, of Scotgate, Stamford, complained to Stamford Town Council about the maintenance carried out by contractors from CGM at the cemetery in Little Casterton Road.

She is particularly concerned about a growing mound of green waste which has been dumped at the top end of the cemetery, a broken gate and the poor state of footpaths around the site.

Mrs Dunkley, who has three relatives buried at the cemetery, said: “If there is a monthly walk around, why are the paths in this mess all winter, why is the rubbish heap getting bigger and why is there only ever one worker?

“No trees were pruned this autumn and the grass is a disgrace. It seems CGM is saving money while our cemetery goes to the dogs.”

Eighteen months ago Mrs Dunkley complained about overflowing bins and overgrown grass at the site.

Town clerk Patricia Stuart-Mogg said she met with Mrs Dunkley last week to discuss her concerns, which will be addressed by the council’s amenities committee at its next meeting.

Mrs Stuart-Mogg said: “We don’t take these complaints lightly. I regularly go to the cemetery and meet people to address these issues.

“We are aware of the problem with the footpaths which need extra gravelling but we are fighting against the weather at the moment.

“The amenities committee will be looking at this along with the other open space areas when discussing the budget, but repairs will be done as soon as possible.”

The managing director of CGM, Tom Tree, has also offered to meet with Mrs Dunkley.

He says his company is committed to providing a good service and is confident the ground staff carry out all the duties outlined in their contract with the council.

He said: “I have regular meeting with the town council and I have always been made aware when people have concerns. I take complaints seriously and deal with them immediately.”

He said recent wet weather has prevented workers from burning the garden waste as quickly as they had intended. He also said there has been a high number of burials at the cemetery in recent weeks and it would have been inappropriate to light fires during the services.

Mr Tree said the rubbish will be removed by the end of the week.