Letter: Concerns over closure plans

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I would like to bring to your readers’ attention the closure for five weeks by Rutland County Council of the road between Harringworth and Seaton.

This is a main route for all residents in Harringworth as well as a through route used by many people from Laxton and Bulwick and surrounding areas, to Leicester, Oakham and Uppingham.

The closure, which comes very shortly after a year’s disruption and closure by Anglian Water is frustrating for anyone living the “otherside of the river” and although we live in another county many of us use Uppingham and Oakham as our local towns and places of work as well as lifelines such as doctors’ surgery, chemists, dentists etc.

The road closures means putting on between three and four miles extra making the round trip eight miles longer for us. It also means increasing the traffic through Gretton and Lyddington villages.

Although the road sign, which went up without warning last week, states a five-week closure, meaning the road being opened again around March 11, when my husband spoke to Mr Togood from the county council he mentioned that it was closed until May 5 for bridge repairs!

Since then we understand from Northamptonshire County Council that it is closing Gretton Road in Harringworth from March 11 to 181 and from April 1 to 5 and it was unaware of any closure of the Seaton Road as this will be its diversion route.

It appears that the reason for closure of Seaton Road is for erecting new railings along the side of the road. I can see no reason for complete closure of the road. Surely the use of traffic lights would be adequate and the opening of the road at weekends and after dark would seem to be sensible.

May I urge people to write or phone Rutland County Council. With pressure it may be possible to keep the road open with restrictions. The council seems unsympathetic to the predicament of the East Northants residents, which is sad, as many of us consider Uppingham to be our local town and contribute greatly towards the economic viability of the area.

Fiona Harding

Main Street, Laxton