Letter: ‘Nothing wrong with my facts’

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Mr LG Morgan, I was not surprised to read a response such as yours re my letter (July 4) as it is a usual left wing default position, via rose tinted glasses, to ridicule justifiable comment as uniformed drivel.

You picked an unfortunate title for your letter of, “Please get your facts correct”, as you only got one right.

What would be the point in commenting in a staunch Labour constituency, as no matter what, a gnome in a red jacket would be voted in. I did not say Cuba or East Germany are or were socialist states. The context was from Cuba to East Germany left wing government’s invariable ended up broke and the working people they purported to represent where the worst affected.

However, communist and socialist ideology have much in common and are not strange bedfellows. Going off in a tangent you said Labour introduced State Welfare and Old Age Pensions, which of course was incorrect.

The Liberal Government of 1905-1915 introduced both of these, a common mistake if one listens to propaganda and myths. The Labour Government of 1945 reformed both of them and introduced the NHS.

You cannot be serious in disputing the Labour Governments of 1964-1970, 1974-1979 and 1997-2010 did not severely damage the wealth of this country. Had we been a company we would have been declared bankrupt. Of course for long periods of the first two Red Robbo and Scargill ran the country which ensured had there been any inclination towards fiscal reality, its effects would have been limited.

You state my uniformed comments can be destroyed by referring to the net. It would be easier to plait fog than back that statement up, but why spoil a story with the facts. Remember the note Liam Byrne left for George Osborne, “there is no money left Ha Ha”. He was right just debts, hope this helps.

AC Bradley

Kestrel Road,