Letter: Thanks for the swift response

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A group of ladies of Stoke Rochford Golf Club were playing golf on a lovely summer morning when one of the group felt unwell.

It was clear to the other ladies that she was seriously unwell.

The greenkeeper was working nearby and when contacted promptly alerted the emergency services by his mobile phone.

He returned to the clubhouse, which was at the opposite end of the course, and in what seemed no time at all, came back with the Rapid Response Paramedic who, after examining the patient called an ambulance for further tests.

The ladies were amazed and very grateful for such an efficient response and would like to thank everyone involved in the Grantham Emergency Service for dealing with the incident so promptly.

It is comforting to know that the local NHS has such an efficient team working in the community.

Roni Proctor

(ladies secretary) 
and lady members of 
Stoke Rochford Golf Club