Letter: Village children refused school places

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March 3 was national offer day for secondary school places.

Once again, all three children residing in Market Overton, who applied to attend their nearest secondary school (Catmose College), have been refused places.

This means that last year was not so much of “an unusual year” as quoted by Stuart Williams, Catmose College principal in April, 2013.

The villages surrounding Oakham are becoming isolated and this problem will only be compounded with all of the new build homes in Oakham.

Last year, two of the three Rutland secondary schools reached their cohort capacity, with the third school having limited places available after the second round of offers.

Where will next year’s village children have to travel to attend secondary school?

Who on the county council has had the foresight to think about this?

It is all very well building to attract new families but the infrastructure must be there to support growth.

At the moment it seems that locals are being pushed out in order to accommodate the new.

Julia Smith

Main Street, Market Overton