Letter: We don’t want any more trains through Oakham

Stamford Train Station- Stock Picture.''Photo: Oliver'SM-S082108_037ow.jpg
Stamford Train Station- Stock Picture.''Photo: Oliver'SM-S082108_037ow.jpg
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Further to the petition of Mr Cleaver of Stamford, (Mercury last week) I strongly object to more trains coming through Oakham.

We live close to the railway crossing and over the past few years have noticed a marked increase in trains coming through.

Oakham has a bypass admittedly, but we live on the wrong side to be able to access it.

We wait at the crossing for at least five minutes every 20 minutes for some kind of engine to come through.

Sometimes the gates are closed for a lot longer when a passenger train is leaving or arriving at the station.

Added together with the special steam trains etc we can be waiting for another 20 to 25 minutes.

Any increase in trains will bring Oakham to a further standstill.

No, Mr Cleaver, we do not need any more trains coming through Oakham as I am sure the emergency services and many local residents in the Welland Way area would agree.

It’s bad enough with the parking situation without a gridlock due to more trains.

Mrs J Cole

Derwent Drive,


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