Letter: Why Barnsley and not a local firm?

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I was delighted to read that Rutland County Council has secured funding of £200,000 for up to 50 houses to get free solar panels in Rutland.

However my delight was tempered when I learned that the contract had already been awarded to a company from Barnsley to carry out this work.

There are several solar installers in Rutland who would all have liked the opportunity to tender for this work but have not been given that opportunity.

This is in complete contrast to the attitude of many local authorities who try to award work to their local communities who effectively pay their wages through business rates and the council tax of the local workforce.

Awarding this business is a double slap in the face for local businesses who now have to compete with their own council giving away free systems. I think we’ll pack up in Rutland and move to Corby!

Stephen Knight

Commercial director, 
Navitron Ltd, Lands’ 
End Way, Oakham