Letters: I’m a Tory, but Mr Boles will not be getting my vote again

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Further to recent letters regarding our MP Mr Nick Boles we now find that he expects the 
taxpayer to fund his Hebrew lessons and although he has only been an MP for a short time claims it is his right to this concession.

It would make sense if it were essential to his work but these lessons are for personal reasons.When it comes to pensioners, I, like most, have paid NI contributions for more than 40 years and in my case still pay income tax.

However Mr Boles seems to think that after this long-term investment into Government funds, we should not have any concessions.

If Mr Boles could write the law there would be one law for him and another for pensioners. As for his future as an MP, should he stand at the next election I for one will not vote for him.

This will be the first time I have never voted for a Conservative candidate in more than 50 years.

I hope that the damage he has done to the party will not affect the jobs of local and district conservative councillors who do a good job and will continue to receive my vote.

I have not seen Mr Boles do any good for the constituency or anyone in his constituency and suggests he gives up politics and finds a job he can do properly.

He is certainly no good as an MP.

A Williams

West Road, Haconby

I heard on BBC news that our MP Nick Boles has claimed about £700 to learn to speak Hebrew!

This is the same MP who would take money away from pensioners and make their benefits means tested.

Now he might well say “I’m acting within the rules” when challenged about this, but to the general taxpayer who is funding this it is just not good enough !

If Mr Boles wants to expand his linguistic skills that’s all well and good but as a taxpayer I don’t wish to pay for it. I think he should tighten his belt (our belt in reality) and pay for it himself

The next election is some way off as yet. I hope the people of Stamford remember his actions when he come around asking to be allowed to represent them at the next General Election.

Mr P Wiliams

Losecoat Close, Stamford

after telling us he wants to cut benefits to OAPS Mr Boles then goes and claims £678 to learn Hebrew because of his partner when he could have afforded it himself.

I don’t know about you the sooner we get rid of him the better.

Andy Tucker

Hall Road, Haconby

Shalom aleichem! It is to be hoped that Nick Boles now takes a course in Arabic, in the interests of equality. Saaam alaikum!

Marguerite Cullen,

Obthorpe Lane, Thurlby

Mr Boles has shown us where he stands in the quest to save the country’s finances.

His way is to plan to take from those who have spent a lifetime working, paying taxes and striving to bring up a family while he, with little more than half of the allotted time given to this administration, got aboard the gravy train that stops at every station where money is shovelled into his pockets.

I have written many letters to him and met him in an attempt get answers to how he intends to play his part in guiding our leaders to bring our nation out of the dire straits it finds itself in.

He has been adamant in not wanting to put into writing anything worthwhile, preferring to talk it over. That of course leaves little or no evidence as to what path he is really taking.

If the report is true and it has not been denied, being funded by the taxpayer to learn Hebrew, an international language putting him right up there at the forefront in dealing with the woes that beset us at a given cost of £678.80, roughly equivalent to the amount payable in state pension after tax, per month, is deplorable.

I deplore this latest action of the man who should be serving the interests of the nation and the voters.

Mr Boles, mend your ways or make room for someone who really has the needs of our country close to their heart.

Take up the challenge and set out your wares in the local newspapers that so ably serve the people in order that we know where you stand. The manifesto put forward to us and on which we cast our votes bears no relation to what has taken place. It is time for honesty.

IG Seager

Kohima Close, Bourne

Mr Boles, like many other politicians live in a world detached from reality, an insular existence devoid of the harsh pressures of life.

This detachment will inevitably be their downfall. Fewer and fewer people will cast their vote at General Elections in this century as politicians become more and more extraneous.

The Tories are well aware of this. Their pursuit of boundary changes and huge relief at the rejection of the alternative voting system confirms their insignificance in modern Britain. Labour is wounded and the Liberal Democrats ineffective, the political landscape is bleak. Slowly, over the course of this century, politicians will be replaced by professional-minded people from all walks of life, who are successful in their own right.

They will manage the country with passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

By then, I guess, Nick Boles will be fluent in Hebrew.

NJ Bell

St Tibba Way, Ryhall

I have followed with interest and some amusement the article initially covered in the Mirror and subsequently published in last week’s Mercury on the Hebrew language classes that Nick Boles MP has been taking and which have been paid for by public money.

While I understand that MPs are entitled to claim funds to cover such lessons, surely the language chosen should have some relevance to the MP’s role and not solely for personal reasons.

Maybe Mr Boles has got his eye on Tony Blair’s role as Middle East Envoy in which case we can expect an application in the near future to cover the cost of Arabic classes – just to restore the balance.

I would have thought the money would have been better spent if Mr Boles had taken on a language which would be more use in his constituency – Polish perhaps!

David Smith

South Road, Bourne

Once again our MP is in the spotlight, this time over his expenses. How can it be justified to spend £678 on language lessons for his personal use, not to enhance his use as an MP?

Considering his recent comments regarding pensioners I believe this revelation proves what a hypocrite this MP is. Many people like me have had to pay for language lessons out of our own pocket. This man seems to think taxpayers should subsidise every facet of his existence. Having read his comments on this revelation his reply was, he was entitled to claim.

That does not mean he should, especially as he keeps telling us that we need to reduce public spending. Hopefully, voters will remember the way this man treats his constituents when the election comes round.

John Croxson

Akeman Close, Bourne

THE press informs us that Louise Mensch, MP for East Northants, is resigning due to pressure of family commitment.

Described as the media star of the Conservative Party, it is questionable whether a media star is the right person to look after the affairs of country and constituency.

We are now informed that the MP for Stamford and Bourne has been taking lessons at the public’s expense, in a foreign language, the use of which is also questionable. Very recently he has come up with some unpopular ideas about financial benefits taken up by pensioners.

Both of these MPs come from the Conservative Party’s A list, that is for those who don’t know, a list of candidates vetted and recommended for adoption.

Is it too much to expect that the decent thing is done and we have another resignation, or do we have to wait for the next General Election? Stamford and Bourne deserves better.


Orchard Way 

Congratulations to MP Nick Boles for wanting to learn another language at the taxpayers’ expense.

I think it is wonderful you wish to learn Hebrew the language of your civil partner. Hopefully you will soon become fluent in it.

When you have perhaps you will take the big step and emigrate to your lover’s homeland and take all your harebrained ideas with you. On the way out of the country could you please leave the cost of your Hebrew lessons – £678.80. The money will go towards keeping the free benefits for the retired, the ones they are entitled to.

T Mytton

Walcot Way, Stamford