Letters: MPs lose touch with real world

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WHAT did Mr Boles promise in his New Year’s message to us, toil, tears, sweat and blood and pain, especially pain for a lot of us.

I have to admit I don’t like Mr Boles. I don’t like or trust his leader Cameron, in my opinion a conman quick to wave the flag, unfortunately a white one.

The previous government was rotten to the core, so was the lack of opposition to them that encouraged them in the hope that the electorate would throw them out.

This present apology for a government is every bit as bad.

The only way we are going to regain our independence and prosperity (and sanity) is to come out of the EU.

All Cameron’s talk of referendums are just wind and whitewash. The EU is a ball and chain that has more than helped to bankrupt us. We didn’t have a referendum to take us into the Common Market, we don’t want one to take us out of the EU.

Mr Boles wants the present coalition to last another 10 years (if not forever). God help us if it does, no one else will.

It has been made clear that professional politicians are not to be trusted. A way must be brought in that no politician should stay in office more than five years and then barred for another 10.

After five years they have lost touch with the real world the rest of us have to live and suffer in.


Sutherland Way,


David Cameron’s failure to curb banking bonuses was to be expected. The rest of, especially the poor, are hit with a VAT rise and cuts in services. Bankers, who are the cause of Britain’s deficit in the first place, and are wholly responsible for the cuts and tax rises, are “laughing all the way to their own banks”.

What Britain needs is investment in manufacturing, vocational training, engineering, science, maths and foreign languages. However how many Cabinet members have ever had a real job? If bankers are so valuable, let them finds jobs overseas.

Eric Goodyer

High Street,