Letters: Readers react to MP’s ‘reassurance’ and his new job

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Fresh from suggesting that pensioners should forfeit various benefits to assist the government in its current financial predicament – a trillion pound deficit! Tackling government waste might be a good start – overseas aid, EU contributions, quangos’ etc.

Our MP Nick Boles has been quoted in the national press that if you are opposed to the concreting over of the greenbelt you are seen as a “hysterical, scare-mongering latter day Luddite!”

It never seems to occur to our government or previous governments that with a population of 62.3 million people, that’s the ones we know about, it is not necessarily houses we need but fewer people – for years politicians have adopted an open door policy with no constraint what so ever with the belief that all these immigrants bring in skills, entrepreneurial expertise and investment.

According to a recent report we shall need to build 200 homes per day for the next 20 years to accommodate new immigrants.

Why are politicians so frightened of stopping immigration or least making some attempt to bring it under control.

Do we really need a city the size of Birmingham being built every other year to cope with the expanding population that however seems to be what Mr Boles is suggesting?

Perhaps I am a hysterical, scare mongering latter day Luddite.

A L Stubbs

Saxon Way


I was amused (not suprised) at Nick Boles’ reply entitled “Have no doubts about my integrity”, defending his position of using taxpayer’s money for Hebrew lessons.

The fact that he has made donations to charity, should not convince readers otherwise of the type of mentality that would do it in the first place.

Let’s not forget, he made another enlightening statement recently, that pensioners should 
be means-tested for some 
benefits. . . amazing!

Whilst his letter listed several of his areas of interest/groups he belongs to, I’m surprised that he didn’t mention his attendance at the (secretive) Bilderberg Group conference this year.

For readers not aware of the significance of the Bilderberg Group, then you should be. It interlocks with the network of Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission etc where the long-held plan for world government is dictated to 
leaders of government, 
media etc.

Don’t worry voters, your interests aren’t valid at those meetings. As attendance is strictly by invite only, it appears your masters have big plans for you Nick.

I’ve heard Mr Boles explain before about the reasons for his attendance, giving the usual “it’s just leading figures, of different countries, getting to know each other” and describing people who have done any research about the group as “conspiracy theorists” but documents unearthed, from past meetings on its agenda, tell a different story.

The Bilderberg Group (reluctantly) only now publishes lists of attendees, due to the success of dogged reporters (not mainstream as usual) unearthing the real agenda behind it.

Lastly, even I was astounded by Mr Boles’ comments on Israel being “a bastion of freedom and democracy in the Middle East”.

Even the most ill-informed person is aware of Israel’s policy of land-grab and persecution of the Palestinian people, never mind its recent whitewash of the death of brave peace activist Rachel Corrie. Staggering.

Wake-up people of Stamford and Grantham. And before you think I come from the position of political opposition to Nick Boles, then I don’t.

Organisations like the Bilderberg Group ensure that there are no “opposites” in politics. The same agenda goes on no matter who’s “in power”.

The best advice I can give his constituents (or anyone) is do some research and don’t vote, it only encourages them.

Rob Clark

Hardwick Road


How pleased am I to see that Nick Boles is writing in your paper about learning Hebrew and the costs.

As usual he answers a side question and not the real question and criticism from the letters that prompted this answer.

The question as far as I recall was about his attack on pensioners’ savings and Government benefits like the bus pass and fuel allowance.

However there has not been one word on these subjects and now as a show of gratitude by David Cameron for all his vocal 
thoughts he gets a promotion, 
but what he will not get is 
my vote at the next general 

Philip Booth

Poplar Crescent


I’m not the least bit bothered that Nick Boles has been learning Hebrew at the taxpayers’ expense. But I’m deeply concerned by his view that Israel is a bastion of democracy and freedom in the Middle East.

This is the country that refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and is reliably reported to have 200 weapons of mass destruction (never admitted by its government) yet is hysterical about the possibility that Iran might get nuclear weapons.

This is the country that for more than 40 years has occupied the Palestinian lands and defied countless UN resolutions calling for a return to the internationally recognised 1967 boundaries.

Only the USA, which massively subsidises Israel, and one group of small Pacific islands, voted to support Israel in the UN General Assembly. The occupied lands have been carved up by a mighty apartheid wall and new roads reserved for Israelis only.

Dozens of illegal settlements house hundreds of thousands of Israelis who benefit from land and water denied to their long established residents. The occupied territories are rife with checkpoints that humiliate the native population.

When the Israel government ended the occupation of the Gaza strip they imposed an economic blockade that has reduced the people to dire poverty. The Israeli army (so-called Defence Force) attacked unarmed vessels attempting to bring relief to Gaza and killed several 
Turkish solidarity activists. Within Israel the considerable Arab minority are treated as second-class citizens.

Democracy and freedom? Mr Boles’s integrity is not in doubt; his intellectual fitness to represent us in Parliament is another 


King’s Mill Lane


MAY I suggest Nick Boles asks the Palestinians living in Israeli occupied land whether they truly think Israel is a “bastion of democracy and freedom in the Middle East”.


Casewick Lane,


I have no objection to Nick Boles having an Israeli partner. I do however find it rather scary that Nick should refer to Israel as “a bastion of democracy”.

Does democracy deny a whole nation the basic human rights of home, shelter and education by imprisoning them behind an enormous wall and destroying their properties and schools and diverting water supplies to their own advantage?

Does democracy destroy farmers olive fields denying the farmers the ability to earn a living? Do democrats evict people from their homes to grab the land for themselves?

If that is democracy give me none of it. Nick is becoming a more powerful member of our government and no doubt will give his full backing to strengthening the power of Israel.

Much of the trouble in the Middle East is of the making of Israel and they could easily be the catalyst of wars that could destroy much of the world.

So what of Alan Duncan? Well he is following the party line when he praises two home owners for shooting burglars.

For certain now more and more people will be seeking gun licences and arming themselves in case of intruders on their property.

Do we really want that sort of society? The USA have gone down that road and look where that has led them and yes we have suffered here from random shootings.

It seems to me that we have two dangerous members of parliament on our patch. Let’s hope it changes at the next election. Sadly I doubt it.

George Hetherington

Kettering Road, 

I WOULD like to think that I am one of the ‘fair-minded people’ that Nick Boles has the ‘honour to represent’ in Parliament. But following a visit to one of his surgeries, I for one will never, ever, consider wasting my valuable vote on a career politician again.

Despite being given the benefit of a privileged education, I believe he has a lot to learn about the British understanding of fair play, and indeed justice. He seems a bit confused.

I believe that we need openness and accountability from our representatives in Westminster.

Roll on the next general election.


Market Place,