Letters: Service chiefs should be sacked

Removing £3.5m of taxpayers’ money from the East Midlands Ambulance Service is hardly likely to lead to any improvement in its abysmal performance.

The immediate dismissal of those in charge (and therefore responsible) without any pay-offs would be much more effective but, unfortunately, it won’t happen.

In the UK senior managers, in both the public and private sectors, seem to enjoy an enviable immunity which is not afforded to less exalted employees.

Max Sawyer

Waverley Gardens,


I wonder how many actual ambulances there are to cover Lincolnshire. Depending on the answer to this question it will be interesting to see how many ambulances are in areas other than the hub awaiting calls.

I understand that the four hubs are going to be Grantham, Scunthorpe, Boston and Lincoln.

I should think they are hard-pressed to get an ambulance from Grantham to Stamford in eight minutes even depending on which side of Grantham the hub is.

At a meeting attended recently the figures that were given out were 86 per cent in eight minutes and 19 minutes, 93 per cent. £3.5m seems a large fine for these figures and who is actually going to foot the bill for this?

Babs Cornish

Birch Road,