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Is it just me or is anyone else sick to death with the ongoing saga of Cafe Black?

When I opened a shop in Stamford I lost count of the number of phone calls and e-mails I had to make to the council to ask permission for various things I wanted to do.

Not only this, but I had to pay a substantial amount of money to obtain permission for these things to take place, not least £95 just for permission to put a hanging sign up.

Why does Cafe Black continually flout the policies and procedures the council has in place?

If they had done things properly in the first place (like the rest of us have to) they wouldn’t be in so much trouble.

I accept that this country is run by a bureaucracy that makes us question why we bother but rules are rules and if you don’t abide by them you have to face the consequences.

I am also completely in favour of making Stamford a better place to visit and in businesses thriving and supporting each other but, at the end of the day, things have to be done properly, it cannot be one rule for us and another for a business that thinks it’s acceptable to do whatever it wants.

Everyone else has to accept the way things work with the council and everyone else does things properly but because Cafe Black doesn’t it wonder why it’s constantly being told to remove its chairs, canopy and ice cream freezer.

I would love to have been in a position to have done the things I wanted to do without forking out a lot of money but I accepted the way things worked and paid my dues.

If Cafe Black had gone about things properly in the first place it wouldn’t be in this situation would it?

For goodness sake Mercury, let Cafe Black fight its own battles and report on something that’s far more newsworthy. If they can’t follow the rules that the rest of us have to follow let them face the consequences. Breaking the rules and failure to follow the correct channels is not the way to do it.

Oh dear, I seem to have given them yet more publicity don’t I by having this letter published! Sometimes you just can’t win.

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Cafe Black’s scrambled egg and smoked salmon on Asker’s bread remains a favourite of mine and worth the bus journey from Bourne to enjoy it. My wife and I cannot drive any more. Certainly, it appears that the local authority, well described by your contributor, John Docker, has different standards.


Gilpin Close, Bourne