I did not want to leave, says chairman

Chris Rivett
Chris Rivett
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Stamford AFC chairman Chris Rivett says he leaves the club with “unfinished business” after stepping down from the board this week.

Rivett ended his brief spell as chairman ahead of the club’s annual meeting on Monday after a failed attempt to take a controlling stake in the Daniels.

Rivett, who joined the club at the start of the season, made an offer to buy the holding of other major shareholders before Christmas but it became clear in recent weeks that the proposal had been rebuffed.

“I am disappointed,” he said. “I did not want to leave. I am leaving with unfinished business.

“I am proud of what was achieved while I was chairman.”

He believes the structure of the club needs to alter as it moves to a new home and targets higher level football. But after the failed bid to buy out major shareholders his departure had a sense of inevitability.

He added: “Ultimately that is the reason. It split a lot of people’s views.

“I am grateful to the board for the opportunity to be chairman but I knew the position could become untenable because the club could go in a different direction to how I envisaged it.

“The club needs more people with expertise and I know the people. I have experience of moving to a new stadium and from that point of view there will be a lot of work to be done and you need people with a variety of skills.

Rivett remains a shareholder and added: “The club needs stability.

“Every season it is going through managers and players and that was the biggest issue for me.

“After GrahamDrury left we worked hard to keep the players and I think the club is in a better position than it was.”

The club issued a statement on Monday saying: “Prior to Monday’s AGM Chris Rivett informed the board of directors it was his intention to stand down as chairman of Stamford at the end of the season.

“Following the discussion that followed it was agreed it was in the club’s interest for Chris to leave with immediate effect.”

The club has not said when a new chairman will be appointed.