Bowling: Match reports from Oakham Bowling Club

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The Oakham Bowling Club’s Thursday Team maintained their unbeaten start to the season with a narrow eight-shot victory over Syston despite winning on only two of the five rinks.

The 92-84 win was mainly due to the rink skipped by Eddie Owen which won by 14 shots.

Oakham’s only other winning rink was skipped by Denis Smith.

Results: Lyn Walters, Di Culshaw, John Moore and Eddie Owen won 27-13; Bob Spence, Rod Groombridge, Ray Gregory and Denis Smith won 21-16; Gwyn Davies, Ray Wilkins, Rod Stanley and Chris Wallis lost 18-20; David Thorne, Ken Jennings, Barrie Payne and Bob Hammond lost 12-15; Roger Lancaster, David Morgan, Terry Thurman and Gail Robertson lost 14-20.

Oakham’s Saturday Team came down to earth with a bang losing heavily by 43 shots to Birstall.

All four Oakham rinks lost on a day to forget with the rink skipped by Ivan Lang coming nearest to salvaging some pride by only going down by one shot in the 53-96 loss.

Results: Gwyn Davies, Brenda Lang, Peter Gleeson and Ivan Lang lost 19-20; Ray Wilkins, Chris Smith, Gail Robertson and Chris Wallis lost 13-23; Lyn Walters, Mary Smith, Terry Thurman and Bob Hammond lost 13-28; Eileen Wright, David Thorne, Eddie Owen and Denis Smith lost 8-25.

Oakham Ladies’ first game of the season away to Little Bowden resulted in a 49-all draw with one winning Oakham rink skipped by Beryl Birch.

Results: Mary Smith, Janet Horwood and Beryl Birch won 17-15; Rosemary Gregory, Brenda Lang and Val Crowder drew 18-18; Eileen Wright, Di Culshaw and Jenny Bateman lost 14-16.

Oakham Ladies enjoyed
their first win of the season beating Kibworth Ladies by 12 shots.

Oakham had 2 winning rinks in the 53-41 victory skipped by Jenny Bateman and Beryl Birch.

Results: Eileen Wright, Mary Smith, Barbara Phillips and Jenny Bateman won 31-11; Rosemary Gregory, Brenda Lang, Di Culshaw and Beryl Birch won 16-12; Joan Hawkins, Margaret Jefferies and Janet Horwood lost 6-18.