Judo: Vale Judo Club celebrates a great year

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Vale Judo Club has handed out awards to mark a great year.

The club, based in Oakham, gave a dedication award to chairman Stuart Mowat for steering the club through its ambitious plans for expansion and improvement over the years, and continuing long after his own children had stopped training at the club.

Other awards went to: Kano Most Improved Boy – Max Shephard; Kano Most Improved Girl – Lexie Mowat; Kano Spirit of Judo Boy – Fergie Simpson; Kano Spirit of Judo Girl – Abby Rowley; Primary High Achiever Boy - Benjamin Buckby; Primary High Achiever Girl – Sofia Palmer; Primary Most Improved Boy – Arceni Munford; Primary Most Improved Girl – Holly Woolman-Lane; Primary Spirit of Judo Boy – Izaak Cole-Wallace; Primary Spirit of Judo Girl – Evie Mc Leod; Youth High Achiever Boy – Daniel Bennett; Youth High Achiever Girl – Megan Rowley; Youth Most Improved Boy – Sam Conboy; Youth Most Improved Girl - Alex Cutforth; Youth Spirit of Judo Boy – Joe Potter; Youth Spirit of Judo Girl – Lauren Gear; Senior Most Improved – Pete Sanderson.

The club is launching beginners classes in the new year. For details about the club, visit www.valejudo.org.uk