Rick works his magic

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Oakham 85 Westcotes 86

HOT-SHOT Rick Tarleton struck again on Thursday, scoring all eight shots on one end for the third time this season, during Oakham’s game against Westcotes.

Despite this however, Oakham lost by the match by the narrowest of margins, just a single shot.

Results: Gwyn Davies, Bill Stewart, Gail Robertson and Rick Tarleton won 26-13; Eddie Owen, John Moore, Norman Coville and AlanJones won 17-13; Dave Thorne, Brian Garner, Rod Stanley and Ivan Lang lost 16-18; Bob Spence, Terry Thurman, Barrie Payne and Bob Swarbrick lost 17-21; Roger Lancaster, Mike Hardy, Peter Ferry and Bob Hammond lost 9-21.

Oakham 65 Leicester 80

OAKHAM struggled against Leicester, winning on only one rink and they only managed to secure that win on the last four ends.

Results: Peter Gleeson, Bill Stewart, Derek Bury and Ivan Lang won 16-13; Chris Smith, Richard Ward, Barrie Payne and Ron Smurthwaite lost 18-22; Nigel Trigg, David Hillier, Bob Swarbrick and Chris Wallis lost 16-22; Lin Walters, Terry Thurman, Denis Smith and Bob Hammond lost 15-23.