Rivals rapped for player raid

ARCH rivals Corby Town have been fined more than £1,000 for their player raid on the Daniels.

Seven players left Stamford with then-boss Graham Drury when he resigned as manager at the end of January to join Corby Town.

Four of those – Steve Julian, Adam Jones, Martin Wormall and Daniel French – joined the Steelmen without the required seven-days transfer notice.

And, at a Football Association hearing on Wednesday, the Southern League Premier Division club were fined 1,000, plus costs, after being found guilty of making illegal approaches for the four players.

Corby were also fined a further 250 for signing more than one player from the same club within a 28-day period – an outcome which pleased Daniels chairman Bob Feetham.

He said: “I feel the club has been vindicated. We tried our very best to keep the players, but they turned their backs on us.

“Dougie Keast (Stamford manager) told those players that didn’t want to stay that they could leave but only by going through the correct FA procedures.

“I am sorry it had to come this, but we had to do what was right for the club and do our best for the supporters.

“It was a difficult time for us and this proves that we were not just sitting on our hands and I am pleased we have been vindicated.”

Corby chairman Peter Mallinger said that his club had been under the impression that the players were available as they had been told they could leave Stamford.

He commented: “We simply thought that because the players had been released by Stamford we were free to sign them without needing to put in the seven days. Clearly that wasn’t the case.”

The other three Stamford players to join Corby were Robert Hughes, who was released from his contract, Tony Battersby, who was allowed to leave, while a transfer fee was paid for Leon Mettam.