The Scene: New drummer brings drive and power

Death Valley Piledriver
Death Valley Piledriver
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Former Riverside Festival headliners Death Valley Piledriver are back from a year-long hiatus with a vengeance this weekend.

The local metal legends will join Northamptonshire’s Blastphemy to support Stormbringer at the Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz’s in Stamford tomorrow (Saturday).

Music was put on the backburner for Death Valley Piledriver in January last year and singer Rikki Sieley admits the band had lost some of its motivation.

But after a chance meeting, drummer Scott Cousins was sworn in to the family in October and brought with him a new drive to the band.

Rikki said: “He’s added some real power and enthusiasm which we had almost lost over the least couple of years.

“It had been quite a frustrating year. It could have been the end of the band because we couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

“But Scott joining has brought a real drive to do it.”

The band hail from the Stamford and Bourne area, with guitarist Ross Duncan born and bred in Stamford.

They had offers to play at other venues this year but decided to make Stamford their first.

Rikki added: “We wanted it to be a comeback gig because the venue has been so good to us in the past.”

Death Valley Piledriver will be supporting Stormbringer, a band made up of former Viking Skull, Deadeye and Nekkrosis members.

The feast of metal will begin at 8.30pm with tickets £4 on the door.

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