The Scene: No amps needed at Voodoo Unplugged

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If you have an event you want to add to any of our listings, e-mail
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Experienced performers will share the stage with bedroom musicians at an open mic night where all are welcome.

Nigel and Jools Butcher run the Voodoo Unplugged acoustic night in the Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz’s, Stamford.

Their next event will be held at 8pm on Thursday and audiences can expect to see performances from across the range of musical genres.

Nigel said: “It has been running for two years and it has been very successful.

“It’s totally acoustic with no amplification of any sort. It gives everyone an even field. We get people who play for a living down to bedroom musicians who only play at home and come down to get some confidence. They all turn up.”

Nigel, who along with wife Jools plays in Ain’t Misbehavin, thinks one of the key factors in Voodoo Unplugged’s popularity is the venue itself.

He said: “I think it’s the Cavern Club of the East Midlands. The acoustics are superb so you don’t need the amplification.”

Nigel is happy to cater to any artist who turns up on the night. He said: “We just keep going until people decide its time to go home. We start at 8pm and some nights we go past midnight.”

Voodoo Unplugged has built up a core of regulars but Nigel is always happy to see new faces, both in the audience and on stage. He added: “We don’t stipulate what people play or how they play. We are there to support.”

Voodoo Unplugged starts at 8pm on Thursday. Entry is free.

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