More names have been put to faces

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MORE people have been identified in a photograph of Stamford Town Band which was published in Mercury Memories a fortnight ago.

Since the photo, which was taken at a contest in Northampton in 1958 was published, we have been overwhelmed with people coming forward to identify those pictured.

Last week out of a possible 18 people in the photo, just five were not known.

Jim Sharples, of Pointon Fen, has identified the number 8 person, pictured at the back of the photo wearing glasses, as his father William Sharples.

Jim said his father was originally from Salford in Manchester but settled in Stamford in 1941.

He said: “I can not remember what instruments he played in the Stamford Town Band but he did like the French Horn. When I was younger I can remember going to the recreation ground in Stamford watching him playing in the Town Band at the bandstand.”

Robert Drew, of Redcot Gardens, Stamford, said the man pictured as number 10 was his late father Gordon James Drew.

He said: “He was known as Danny to his friends and worked at Mirrlees Blackstone until 1992. He played trombone in the band until a burst blood vessel in his nose prevented him from playing seriously. He continued a keen interest in music and dabbled in the harmonica, piano, concertina and had a great love of organ music.”

Gordon Drew died in 2009.